Case Study

A404 - Bisham Roundabout Vegetation & Drainage Clearance

As one of the preferred contractors for EnterpriseMouchel, the Managing Agent Contractor for Area 3 of the Highways Agency, covering central southern England, Salcey was instructed to assist with a possible drainage problem in a field adjacent to the A404 Bisham Roundabout. The farmer who owns the field had reported flooding which he thought might be caused by the drainage system for the A404, which runs around the perimeter of the field.

An inspection of the drainage system was carried out, which indicated that the A404 drainage system was partially blocked with silt and debris which had built up around the roots of vegetation.

Salcey was instructed to clear the blockage and provide a longer term solution to prevent any recurrence of the problem.

Often, in situations such as this, a tree contractor and civil engineering company would be instructed to solve the problem together. However because Salcey provide comprehensive vegetation services and has a multi-disciplinary team we were able to carry out all the operations that were required for this job - from tree services to civil work, reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies.

To provide the longer term solution, several stages of action were required. First, Salcey removed the vegetation which was contributing to the blockage, including a Sycamore tree, thorns and brambles. Following this (because our crews were working on wet land), a tracked dumper which minimises ground damage and a 360 degree excavator were used to re-profile the drain and remove the debris from the site. Slabs were then added to the egress points of the drains, under the outlet pipes, to ensure the water flowed into the drain and to prevent further erosion. Finally the silt and debris were removed from site to clear the drain and prevent blockages in the future.

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