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Storm Damaged Cedar - March 2015

Salcey were called by a landscaping and construction company to help a resident in Watford. 

Storm conditions caused a split in the stem of a large Cedar tree to the rear of the property due to  decay at the base. The stem fell over the fence narrowly missing the residents green house.  Unfortunately the remaining stem was too weak to remain and it took five days to dismantle.  

Salcey Invests in a Seppi Mulcher Attached to an 8 Tonne 360 Degree Excavator - February 2015

Salcey is pleased to be able to offer its clients the benefits of this machine which mulches vegetation up to a DBH of 110mm. It can be used on motorway hard shoulders, open grassland and construction sites but also perfect for areas with accessibility issues such as slopes and behind barriers and fence lines.  

It enables the fast removal of undergrowth, Thorn, Bramble and Gorse which provides a more cost effective solution to clients for vegetation removal. For operatives it also provides a means of working more safely as it stops the need to work manually through difficult terrain and minimises the risk to them of working adjacent to high speed roads. The machine is already being used on Highways Authority work in Areas 3, 6, 8 and 5. 

Heavy Winds Bring Salceys Expertise to the Fore - February 2014

Fallen tree removed in NorthamptonshireGusts of winds up to 80mph have seen Salcey’s work force take to the streets around the country to assist local authorities and companies deal with storm damaged and fallen trees.  
All hands have hit the dec on a 24 hour basis to respond to the many emergency call outs we have received which have seen fallen trees lead to road closures and property damage. Thanks to the staff we have and their skills and experience, we have been able to respond quickly to ensure that the public and businesses were not inconvenienced for any length of time and the affected areas were made safe again. 
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