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Salcey Called to Attend to Unsafe Tree - March 2013

A Willow with old pollard heads that had started to rot and in an unsafe condition required removal at Cosgrove Leisure Park. Located adjacent to caravans and water it had started to pose a potential threat to surroundings.

A climber assisted by four grounds workers and a 35 tonne crane sectionally dismantled the tree over the course of a day. The close proximity of the caravans, decking, ornaments and water made it a challenging fell but the skills and experience of the crew lead to a smooth running and safe operation.

Speedy Call Out for Salcey - March 2013


Salcey were required to respond speedily to a call from Transport for Bucks to attend to some trees overhanging a bus route. A five man crew attended site to prune a line of trees away from the road to provide good clearance for buses. We mobilized traffic management (TM) using stop/go boards via our own qualified TM staff to control passing traffic and our climber worked from a platform to complete the work due to the nature of the site.  The route is now clear for bus use.



Salcey Assist with a Dangerous Tree - March 2013

Salcey were asked to reduce a protected mature Oak tree which is in decline, showing extensive decay and a large amount of deadwood. 

This is located adjacent to a footpath and was posing a threat to public safety.  After consent was granted from the Local Authority to proceed, a four man team attended site to complete a 50% crown reduction aided by a 35 tonne crane.  To minimize the impact on potential bat roosts the work was also completed under the supervision of an Ecologist. The tree is now in a safer condition.  

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