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Salcey Wins De-Vegetation Contract - November 2011

Working in partnership with BBCE Ltd, Salcey is delighted to have been awarded the Running Hard Shoulder Scheme on the M4/M5 Bristol.

Salcey is deploying a 9 man team to clear bramble, trees and other vegetation using specialist machinery and equipment including a Rapid Euro Tractor with baler and mower head. The work is expected to take approximately 12 weeks to complete with teams working days and nights.

Leaning Oak Tree - September 2011

Working with Amey Infrastructure Services, Salcey had three men on site and a Crane to pollard an Oak tree situated near Husborne Crawley leaving the stem for habitat. 

This specimen was heavily decayed and leaning towards the highway posing a threat to passing vehicles and public. This form of pruning is thought to encourage healthy regrowth and trees pruned in this fashion are less likely to be blown over in high winds as the pollarding promotes young growth making them safer.

Salcey Launches its New Whole Tree Chipper - July 2011

Salcey is delighted to have launched its Whole Tree Chipper. This machine is a 275 hp tracked crane fed chipper with a large 36” chip capacity. Being both self-feeding and self-propelled means you don’t need a separate machine to load it or to drag material to the feed. Plus, the flotation rubber tracks mean it can be operated on a variety of surfaces including rough terrain and hard tarmac.  

This specially commissioned machine was developed after speaking to various specialists in the market. The outcome was working closely with Trojan Engineering who constructed the machine to Salcey’s specification in readiness for a large site clearance contract we were undertaking; a contract which could not have been completed without it.

Indeed, its unique features makes it ideal for site clearance works, jobs where there is a large volume of branchwood to process  or where there is awkward terrain, providing a quick and more cost effective solution to this.

Going forward Salcey are looking forward to using this machine to its full potential and achieve maximum efficiency working closely with clients on site clearance and related contracts.

For any inquiries or if you have sites that you wish to clear please contact Alistair Farquharson on 01327 350718 or email

To view this machine working on site click on the following link:

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