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Gritting Season for Salcey - January 2012


With Winter upon us Salcey has been supporting its clients by providing a gritting service. This has helped to ensure the roads on their commercial premises are clear of ice/snow, safe for driving and to assist them to manage and reduce their risk of liability. 

Salcey’s gritting staff are dispatched to site to apply salt ahead of any adverse weather, helping keep conditions safe at all times.

Salcey Wins De-Vegetation Contract - November 2011

Working in partnership with BBCE Ltd, Salcey is delighted to have been awarded the Running Hard Shoulder Scheme on the M4/M5 Bristol.

Salcey is deploying a 9 man team to clear bramble, trees and other vegetation using specialist machinery and equipment including a Rapid Euro Tractor with baler and mower head. The work is expected to take approximately 12 weeks to complete with teams working days and nights.

Leaning Oak Tree - September 2011

Working with Amey Infrastructure Services, Salcey had three men on site and a Crane to pollard an Oak tree situated near Husborne Crawley leaving the stem for habitat. 

This specimen was heavily decayed and leaning towards the highway posing a threat to passing vehicles and public. This form of pruning is thought to encourage healthy regrowth and trees pruned in this fashion are less likely to be blown over in high winds as the pollarding promotes young growth making them safer.

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