Arboricultural Consultancy


Salcey offers a comprehensive Consultancy service. Our team of experts are committed to these services which enables us to provide surveys, reports and management plans for a diverse range of clients and needs. We work closely with homeowners, councils and insurers to companies and landowners on diverse issues such as tree insurance matters, decay and disease detection, mortgage risk assessments, developmental sites, hazard evaluation and environmental management.

Our residential services include:

  • Tree Condition Surveys
  • BS5837 Surveys to Support Construction Planning Applications
  • GPS Surveys
  • Woodland Management Surveys

Tree Condition Surveys

Our survey assessments will meet the requirements of any Health & Safety legislation and are based on best industry standards of the Arboricultural Association. Whether you own the land, wish to purchase land or want to develop your land, our qualified and experienced Consultants can inspect all your trees, create a tree management program, based on our hazard assessment survey to put your mind at rest. Even if the survey shows that your trees are in excellent condition, it will still give an objective sense of what tree stock your property contains and how your trees might affect you.

BS5837 Surveys to Support Construction Planning Applications

Increasingly local authorities have been placing emphasis on the importance of trees within a development. Trees can provide amenity value, add maturity to a development and increase property value.

British Standard 5837 - Trees in Relation to Construction - recommends the steps that should be taken to ensure that trees are appropriately and successfully retained when a development takes place. This means that where a site contains trees, or within close proximity to it, the Local Planning Authority (LPA) will take them into account when making decisions on planning applications for that site, and planning applications should follow the processes set out in BS5837.

Our surveys are produced in accordance with BS5837. Where trees are implicated, we provide the developer with all the information that is required to support a planning application and offer guidance for tree protection during the construction process.

From pre-application consultation to the final recommendations, we minimise delay by delivering what LPA’s require. We recognise that the achievement of your plans depends on our ability to deliver the right information to the right people, quickly, and take pride in generating solutions to the range of technical problems that can arise on development sites.

GPS Surveys

Salcey can undertake tree surveys using latest GPS technology to maintain accurate records and work history on each tree, whilst accurately mapping every tree on your land. GPS is especially useful for mapping trees over large and difficult open space areas and will provide a hazard and risk identification plan

Woodland Management Surveys

Woodland areas play an important part in countryside and sometimes urban landscapes. Often, owners need to find ways to enhance the benefit of the site, perhaps to increase the level of access, improve wildlife or habitat diversity, or find new uses for woodland products. We can advise on sustainable woodland and hedgerow management, timber production and improved bio-diversity.

Habitat & Ecological Surveys

Countryside protection legislation and the European Habitats Directive has made it necessary for homeowners, and commercial property owners, to ensure that any works they carry out on their land do not damage habitats for protected species.

Our full suite of ecological services include Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, Ecological Supervision for specialist clearance works, Ecological Assessments and Precautionary Method Of Works statements, Species Specific Surveys, Ecological Impact Assessments and all relevant mitigation works.

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